A restaurant kitchen is the ideal place for a fire to do its most devastating work. Combining deep fryers and gas grills with cooking oils and grease, can bring about instant and ugly combustion. Having fire suppression systems in place can confine fires quickly and minimize the damage. Having a chemical fire suppression system which is inadequate or poorly maintained can spell total loss.

Fire Basics

There are fire extinguisher systems of many kinds which are meant to take away one or more of the key elements to a fire – fuel, high temperature, and oxygen – thereby making it impossible for the fire to continue. A water fire extinguisher system such as a sprinkler system cools the temperature, killing the flames. However, if there is oil or grease present – as there would be in a kitchen fire – the water from the sprinkler system will float atop the oil, making it impossible to cool the flames or smother the fire. For this reason, a chemical fire extinguisher system is essential to control kitchen fires.

A Water Sprinkler System Isn’t Enough

A water sprinkler system is an important part of your fire suppression system, but a wet chemical system is equally important. As mentioned above, in a grease-fueled fire, it’s essential to smother the fire with foam or other chemicals to remove the fire’s access to oxygen. When you consult with a fire safety expert, such as those at Fuller Fire and Safety, you can learn about the best way to keep your kitchen fire from spreading. This often means installing a wet chemical system in vents, hoods and ducts. This also means that regular inspections and servicing of your system is critical.

Maintenance is Essential

Once you’ve installed your fire control systems, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a professional system properly installed will be 96 to 99 percent effective in suppression of fires. Of course, these systems must be properly installed and professionally maintained if they are to continue to protect you, your patrons, and your property. In matters as deadly as fire, it simply makes sense to leave the details to the professionals. In the Columbus, Georgia area, the professionals to turn to can be found at Fuller Fire and Safety.

The restaurant industry is exhausting. You must worry daily about advertising, labor and food costs, not to mention the quality of your product and your service. By relying on safety specialists, you can check fire safety off your list of things to wring your hands over. You have enough to do already.

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