Sprinkler Systems


Whether you’re a contractor, engineer, developer, government project manager, building owner, or tenant, we’re ready to serve you with world-class fire protection.

Fuller Fire & Safety Equipment, Inc. can install/service any size sprinkler system for your commercial structures, government projects, and residential developments. We offer new installations as well as fire sprinkler systems repair and fire sprinkler inspection services.

A fire sprinkler system is designed and engineered to save lives and property from the dangers of fire. Fire sprinkler systems have been in use for hundreds of years protecting homes, businesses, and people from the destructive nature of fire, modern technology and science have come a long way since the inception of fire sprinkler systems. We explain the different types of fire sprinkler systems available for use in your commercial business, public facility, or industrial building and give you some pointers along the way.

Installing a fire sprinkler system into your commercial business will only help give you peace of mind, meet any state or city building, fire and health requirements, it will even help you save money on your fire hazard insurance policy.

Keeping your fire sprinkler system properly maintained through service and repair will be required on all installed fire sprinkler systems. Always contact us at Fuller Fire & Safety Equipment, Inc. to repair your fire sprinkler system.

Your fire sprinkler system will require monthly, semi-annual, annual, or 5, 6, 12 year tests and inspections depending on the types of fire sprinkler systems you have installed. Fuller Fire & Safety Equipment, Inc. will establish a set schedule and frequency for your fire sprinkler tests and inspections.

The commercial and industrial fire sprinkler systems are designed and engineered to save lives, inventory, and property from the dangers of fire. Many states and cities require that all commercial and industrial business have installed fire sprinkler systems to meet state, city, and insurance agency fire, health and building codes.

Sprinkler Systems

Fuller Fire & Safety Equipment, Inc. can design, install, service and inspect all types of fire sprinkler systems:

Wet System
Dry System

fire alarm pull station and sprinkler valve over a flame background

fire alarm pull station and sprinkler valve over a flame background


In-Rack System
Residential System
Fixed Spray
Fire Pumps

CO2 Clean Agent System
FM 200
Foam System
Water Spray Mist
Dry Chemical
Early Warning Air Sampling

Fire Sprinkler Design

Our design/engineer technicians possess NICET certification and use the latest release of AUTO CAD/AUTO SPRINK design software utilities to generate working drawings for fabrication and installation of fire protection suppression, and alarm and detection systems. Our design staff has the capability of using your electronic or paper format to create drawings for system installation and archives. We can download your electronic information to be integrated into our design process. All design work is done in accordance with requirements of the appropriate codes as issued by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

glass filled sprinkler heads and a sprinkler gauge over white

glass filled sprinkler heads and a sprinkler gauge over white

Sprinkler Systems Installation and Inspection
Proper installation and follow-up service and inspection of fire protection, suppression and alarm systems are the keys to a successful operation of the system if an emergency situation should arise. Our field and design employees are frequently adjusting and learning about the changes that occur in federal and state regulations and the requirements of the insurance industry.

We also maintain close contact with equipment manufacturers to allow you to take advantage of the latest available technology, new equipment and installation techniques.

Fuller Fire & Safety Equipment, Inc. stresses continued education and training with safety being our highest priority so that our customers will get the highest quality installation and service in the safest manner.




When a system requires service, we realize quick response is important. That’s why we maintain a large staff of specially trained service technicians who are on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Building Retrofit

Fire sprinkler and red pipe on white ceiling background

Fire sprinkler and red pipe on white ceiling background

With the ever changing codes and the heightened awareness for the need of fire protection, there has been a call for retrofitting existing occupied buildings. We will work closely with you to minimize disruptions with work schedules and tenants.


Our customers represent a wide range of business sectors. We have designed, installed and serviced fire protection, suppression and alarm systems in chemical plants, government facilities, high and low rise office buildings, hospitals, paper mills, automotive manufacturing plants, metal buildings, nursing homes, aircraft hangers, educational facilities, retail outlets, and tire manufacturers.

Contact us at 706-327-1138 or drop us an email to find out how we can help you with your kitchen hood systems and services. We welcome any questions or concerns that you have, and our friendly representatives are waiting to help you and answer all of your questions.